Meet The Founders


In July 2017, Emily found herself looking at a spreadsheet filled with the names of dozens of integrative practitioners in Nashville as a result of her journey to health.  Meanwhile, Sheri and Karina, independent wellness professionals, were bonding over the need to connect with other like-minded practitioners in order to build better care teams for their clients.  They all came together one fateful afternoon and recognized that they were trying to solve the same problem: a lack of communication, connection and collaboration within the healthcare system.  Their paths aligned and Nashville Integrative Health was born.

EMILY JANNEY, M.Ed. Co-Founder

Emily is the voice behind Nashville Integrative Health (NIH).  She leads the network’s outreach efforts and interviews chosen experts in front of a live audience each month during NIH events.  As a natural optimist, big-picture thinker and inspiration seeker, Emily believes we must be relentless in our efforts to generate new solutions to the physical, mental and spiritual challenges we face as humans. She is passionate about building platforms that promote integrative/energy medicine, personal transformation and expanded awareness.  She speaks, hosts, interviews and teaches on topics including faith, self-awareness, intuition, healing and the power of forgiveness and letting go.  As a community developer and experiential event producer, Emily focuses her time and efforts on building narratives that further evolve our ability to walk in light and truth.  Emily has an M.Ed. in Leadership and Organizational Performance, and consults on a myriad of topics including strategy design, corporate wellness and all aspects of the unfolding natural health movement.


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Karina Koltai is a community builder that envisions NIH as an opportunity to connect holistic healers in order to create the most effective wellness teams for her clients.  Karina is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in gut and vocal health.  Karina’s personal mission is to act as a guide for individuals seeking health and personal transformation. She is committed to helping people find wholeness along their healing journey, utilizing a holistic approach to wellness that includes nutritional, emotional and spiritual modalities as a way to bring about balance in her clients’ lives.


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Sheri’s goal for NIH is to create a platform that welcomes a meld of both traditional and functional medicine to the Nashville area.  Creating a community that allows for improved patient outcomes is essential in Sheri’s eyes, and she believes this network will help facilitate this process in an innovative and effective way.  As a Partner and LENS practitioner of the Nashville Tennessee Harmonized Brain Center office, Sheri uses Low Energy Neurofeedback to help people with depression, anxiety, learning disabilities and more.  After working with countless patients, Sheri began to see the value in creating a network that would help her find other functional practitioners in the area that would complement her practice in order to help her clients get better, faster.


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